“What Other Clients Have To Say About ...

"The ULTIMATE Community Fundraiser Show!”


“On behalf of the Board of Directors and members of the New Jersey Bankers Association, many thanks for a wonderful evening at our Former Chairmen’s Dinner on May 19, 2010 during our Annual Meeting in Florida. You made my job as a meeting planner – VERY EASY! Your professionalism and humor made the entire event, from the initial phone call through the event night, a wonderful experience. Your show was the talk of the convention the entire week we were in Florida! Our guests also commented, not only on the great performance, but also that you were easily approachable to chat with after the event. Please feel free to use myself and NJBankers as a reference in the future. Any association or company would be well advised to book your act! Thank you again for everything.”

- Jenn Zorn, Vice President/Director of Education, New Jersey Bankers Association, New Jersey

“Cris was great. He gave everyone a taste of what was in store with the preview "upclose" show which was very mindbending to say the least. It was great how he included the audience in his Murder by Magic show. It kept everyone involved and in awe throughout the show. Everyone enjoyed it immensely and we'll definitely be asking Cris to perform for us again!

- Jackie Sanders, Hyndman Transport, Wingham, Ontario

“Cris, I have to say that you are amazing...and I am still trying to figure out how you did all those tricks... and how I ended up being the murderer!!! Everybody loved it -- you were so entertaining and very good at what you do!! Thanks so much!!”

- Ange Garofalo, Brand Manager ck Watch & Jewelry, The Swatch Group Canada Ltd.

“We contacted Cris two months before our conference was to take place. We knew that we would have about 300 people from all around the world and that we needed to have a "fun element" in our two day finance conference, but that was all. About a month before the conference, Cris met with the design team, we provided him a brief back ground on what the audience would consist of and he left. That evening we had an e-mail providing us with three options that he felt would work. Interestingly enough, he also suggested the middle priced option as the one he felt would work best. He was right, his suggestions were amazing. He even helped us to understand our own global audience, knowing what may cause concerns with different religions and cultures. For a group of 300 accountants, we had a wonderful time. He had a surprise entrance at the beginning of the day with a 15 minute skit, offered 1:1 magic throughout the day, and ended with a magnificent 60 minute skit that concluded our conference. It was everything that we could have hoped it would be. A special thank you and the highest of recommendations.

- Kristina Nickerson, Corning, Inc., Elmira, NY

“We were a little nervous about the show. Unsure what to expect. The show ended up exceeding our expectations. Cris was very professional. He did a very clean and non-offensive show. It was fun for everyone including those hypnotized. We are looking forward to another show.”

- Angela Miller, Killbuck Savings Bank, Berlin, OH

“We had a great time and are still trying to figure out how you read our minds with such accuracy. Thanks again, it was lots of fun!

- Paula Miller, Nanomat, Inc., North Huntingdon, PA

Your performance was outstanding! Thank you again for your wonderful performance, and we look forward to dealing with you in the future.”

- Kathy Scandinaro, Westinghouse Nuclear Services, PA

“Cris Johnson deserves top scores for his recent engagement as part of the “Summer Magic” event held at Westminster Village. The entire process [from resume presentation, e-mail response, booking, event logistics, props, stage presence and performance content] was handled in a professional and timely manner. Cris tailored each of three performances to fit the variations in audience demographics. He presented an extremely audience friendly and entertaining show. Cris worked hard to determine the specific atmosphere desired for the event and tailored his program to meet the various needs of the day long event. I would not hesitate to recommend Cris Johnson as a high quality entertainer!

- Jan Cockrell, Westminster Village, Terre Haute, IN

“You had the perfect blend of humor and surprises that fit perfectly into our eclectic bunch. I look forward to working with you again in future special events sponsored by Magnetek.”

- Tassie Lucidi, Magnetek-Innovative Power Solutions, Pittsburgh, PA

“Your walk around sleight of hand magic impressed everyone and your stage show kept everyone sitting at the edge of their seats! Thanks again for a tremendous show! We hope to see you perform again!”

- Chris Bushik, The Home Depot, Greensburg, PA

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for an absolutely fantastic show! Your show was the highlight of the evening and I would not hesitate to recommend you for any party or meeting.”

- Robert Duchin, President, Robert J. Duchin & Associates, Ltd. Certified Estate Planner, Pittsburgh, PA

"Cris was a pleasure to deal with! We had him perform his "Murder Mystery Show". He was extremely professional and great to deal with. He took care of all the details, brought his own equipmenIt and really left no work for me to do! As far as his show, Cris is an extremely talented magician. The audience was amazed at how he did what he did! He was also very comical and did great in getting our somewhat hesitant audience to participate. We all had a blast! Would highly recommend Cris for any type function and hope to have him back. Cris is a very professional,funny, talented, and all around,an excellent performer! Thanks, Cris!"

- Ann W, Springfield College, Springfield, MA

"Cris was absolutely wonderful! Being one of the "hosts" of the party, it is always nerve wracking to be the one in charge of picking the entertainment for an event. Cris was fantastic! I have heard nothing but positive reviews from everyone. People are saying it has been the best entertainment we have had for our yearly event. I would highly recommend Cris to anyone who is looking for something different, entertaining and fun. Cris recommended his Murder by Magic show given the info I gave to him and it was a hit!"

- Jill B, Corporate Function, Lancaster, NY

"It was a great event. It was our company holiday party and during the hypnosis section, people were laughing so hard they were crying. And I'm left still contemplating his mind-reading abilities, just can't understand how he does it! Would definitely hire him again and recommend him. Thanks Chris!"

- Devon J, Corporate Function, Toronto, ON

"Cris was great. He gave everyone a taste of what was in store with the preview "upclose" show which was very mindbending to say the least. It was great how he included the audience in his Murder by Magic show. It kept everyone involved and in awe throughout the show. Everyone enjoyed it immensely and we'll definitely be asking Cris to perform for us again!"

- Jackie S, Christmas Party, Wingham, ON

“I just wanted to let you know how much our associates appreciated your performance…I had so many compliments on your show. Your constant flexibility with my scheduling was outstanding. I have found your professionalism and courteous attitude very refreshing. Your continued follow through is very impressive.”

- Alyssa J. Brenneman, Radisson Hotel

“The associates enjoyed the show! I still hear them talking about the evening. It was a pleasure working with you from the very start of the planning stages of our evening to the actual show. Your professionalism and very well organized manner made the evening a success.

- Beth Brown, Holiday Inn, Jamestown, NY

Hiring you was definitely the right decision! The employees at General Motors were very impressed…You couldn’t have done a better job at entertaining the crowd, which was 850+ in all! Thank you for helping us have such a successful day!”

- Judy Gibala, Carriage Inn

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