Frequently Asked Questions

Since “Murder By Magic: The ULTIMATE Community Fundraiser Show!” is so unique, we decided to include the answers to several frequently asked questions…

Q – “How many people will a performance of ‘Murder By Magic’ accommodate?”

A – “’Murder By Magic’ has been designed to be completely adaptable to different sized groups. Audiences of 20 to 600 all over North America have enjoyed ‘Murder By Magic.’

Q – “How many people actually perform in ‘Murder By Magic?’”

A – “The show is performed by Mr. Cris Johnson, Certified Hypnotist and magician/mind reader. Cris acts as the ‘investigator’ and performs the magic in the show. While the show is very interactive, Cris keeps the show moving along at a brisk, humorous pace.”

Q – “If the show is so interactive, does this mean our guests will have to dress up or memorize any lines?”

A – “Absolutely not. The way the show is structured is similar in some ways to a magic show, in that guests participate as they would in a magic show, but in this case, each participant is chosen completely in a random fashion and it is announced that the person will be assuming a certain role as they assist with a magic or mind reading routine.”

Q – “Does Cris Johnson need any additional information to perform the show?”

A – “No. The beauty of ‘Murder By Magic’ is that the show can be performed cold – this means once you book ‘Murder By Magic,’ Cris will show up, set up his props, and that is all is needed to make ‘Murder By Magic’ a smashing success. In actuality, the LESS Cris knows about your event, the better, because after the show, your guests will insist that Cris had ‘inside info’ to accomplish the mind reading demonstrations in the show.”

Q – “What do we need to provide in terms of set up?”

A – “If your event is within driving distance for Cris Johnson, we provide our own PA system and microphone. If Cris needs to fly to you, your facility will need to provide a sound system. Additionally, if your group is over 75 people, we require the use of a raised stage, platform or ‘riser’ approximately 10 feet by 8 feet in order for the audience to see what is going on for the show.”

Q – “How long is the show?”

A – “Most clients prefer the standard length of ‘Murder By Magic,’ which is approximately 55 minutes. Some clients want a shorter show so a 45-minute version is available. Occasionally, some clients want a longer show, so we do have 75-minute and 90-minute versions available.

Q – “Do you offer any additional services in addition to ‘Murder by Magic?’”

A – “We offer Strolling or Close-Up Magic, which involves Cris Johnson going from table to table or group to group performing magic and mind reading up close and personal, entertaining guests with their own private magic show. Here are a few examples of what Cris would do in such a situation…

  • Cris will cause solid steel forks to bend and warp like butter…while a spectator holds them!
  • A spectator’s innermost thoughts are predicted!
  • Objects levitate right in front of guests!
  • And MUCH more…

Q – “Is there any objectionable humor?”

A – “No. Some clients have asked us if we could provide a ‘spicier’ show and our answer has always been to say ‘No,’ as everything we do is completely clean and non-offensive.”

Q – “Do you bill separately for travel expenses?”

A – “No. When a client is quoted a fee for their event, that fee is all-inclusive. You will never be billed separately for airfare, overnight accommodations or anything else. We believe in simplicity, meaning less of a headache for our clients.”

Q – “What is your fee?”

A – “It is difficult to give an accurate fee without knowing the particulars of a given event. Fees do vary based on distance traveled, length of the show, size of the group (bigger groups require bigger, heavier props for visibility) and other considerations. Email us at for your free, no-obligation quote and free gifts.

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