Additional Services

Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show

Cris Johnson's "Comedy Stage Hypnosis" show is the perfect entertainment choice for a group in the mood for hilarious, highly interactive fun. This show is 100% safe and appropriate, meaning their is NOTHING that will embarrass your guests or cause anyone to become uncomfortable or offended. The show is also 100% voluntary, meaning no one is "forced" to participate...leaving more room for those in your group who enjoy being the center of attention.

Unlike many hypnosis programs, Cris' show has an actual storyline your audience can follow. The show tells the tale of several lottery winners and all of the fun things they can buy or do once they become millionaires!

During the show, your guests will:

  • Take a tropical vacation by the ocean!
  • Drive the sportcar of their dreams!
  • Watch a Hollywood "red carpet" movie premier!
  • Meet famous Hollywood movie stars!!
  • Show their creativity on a fun-filled talk show!
  • Participate in a fun game show, giving them the opportunity to win more money!
  • And much, much more...

PLEASE NOTE: During Cris' hypnosis show, you will see NO crude skits, NO dangerous material, NO embarrassing situations...guaranteed! If there is ANYTHING objectionable in Cris' show, you get it FREE. In 15 years, no one has ever taken Cris up on his guarantee.

"Cris Johnson exceeded all of our expectations with his hypnosis show. Being engineers, our staff was very skeptical of the idea of hypnosis, but Cris WOWed everyone! The show was extremely entertaining but very tasteful, and had the entire crowd laughing. We had a variety of participants, all ages, male and female, employees and dates. It is very entertaining to watch the actions of people you work with every day. Their true personalities came through their reactions to the clever situations Cris put them in. It was incredible fun! We would recommend Cris for any event!"

- Connie DeCaire, IBC Engineering, Rochester, NY

Comedy Magic Show

In this program, there is only one objective: keep your guests laughing and amazed! While all of my programs are fun and amazing, comedy is at a premium in this show!

Here’s a sample:

  • Cris’ “lifelike” Mindreading Goose will read guests’ minds in hilarious fashion!
  • Guests use a world-famous book in a hilarious mind reading escapade!
  • One of your guests is instantly turned into an amazing magician – with hysterical and AMAZING results!
  • And much more!

"It was a great event. It was our company holiday party and during the hypnosis section, people were laughing so hard they were crying. And I'm left still contemplating his mind-reading abilities, just can't understand how he does it! Would definitely hire him again and recommend him. Thanks Chris!"

- Devon J, Corporate Function, Toronto, ON

The Fortune Teller Show

With this show, your guests will be completely convinced that ESP is real! While NOTHING embarrassing is revealed, your attendees will be amazed at how many details of their personal lives, wishes for the future and more are revealed.

Here’s a sample:

Impossible Mind Reading - Guests think of long-lost friends, pet names, drawings and more…yet this information is pulled from their minds!

Long Distance Mindreading - One guest is asked to think of ANY word in the world. Then the guest is asked to think of ANY person and their phone number…Cris pulls that phone number from the guest’s mind and calls that guest during the show. Then, impossible as it seems, the person on the phone reveals the “ANY word” thought of!

Futures Revealed - EVERYONE in the audience is asked to think of a question about their own future. WITHOUT anything being written down, Cris reveals many guests’ questions…and answer those questions! This is the strongest possible thing ANY mind reader can do!

“We contacted Cris two months before our conference was to take place. We knew that we would have about 300 people from all around the world and that we needed to have a "fun element" in our two day finance conference, but that was all. About a month before the conference, Cris met with the design team, we provided him a brief back ground on what the audience would consist of and he left. That evening we had an e-mail providing us with three options that he felt would work best. He was right, his suggestions were amazing. He even helped us to understand our own global audience. For a group of 300 accountants, we had a wonderful time. It was everything that we could have hoped it would be. A special thank you and the highest of recommendations!"

- Kristina Nickerson, Corning, Inc., Elmira, NY

The Twilight Zone Show

In this performance, guests witness and interact with several strange demonstrations, exploring the possibility of seeing into the future, preventing future crimes and much more.

Here’s a sample:

  • One guest will predict when a future crime will happen
  • Guests will experience psychic “touches” from...beyond?
  • 6 guests will take an imaginary trip on a “ghost plane” and one guest will cross over to the ‘other side,’ leaving only 5 guests to return!
  • Cris will put at RISK his fee for the show…if he fails in this demonstration, your show is FREE!
  • And much more!

“Cris Johnson deserves top scores for his recent engagement as part of the “Summer Magic” event held at Westminster Village. The entire process [from resume presentation, e-mail response, booking, event logistics, props, stage presence and performance content] was handled in a professional and timely manner. Cris tailored each of three performances to fit the variations in audience demographics. He presented an extremely audience-friendly and entertaining show. Cris worked hard to determine the specific atmosphere desired for the event and tailored his program to meet the various needs of the day long event. I would not hesitate to recommend Cris Johnson as a high quality entertainer!”

- Jan Cockrell, Westminster Village, Terre Haute, IN

Handwriting Analysis

Discover inner details of your psyche! Using only a few words written by each guest, the performer will give you insightful details into your own personality! After hearing the reading, each guest will have a better understanding of their own personality.

Each guest is given a 5-minute reading, making this program the perfect “add-on” to any of the above programs, or as an evening of entertainment all on its own. We typically offer this service by the hour, as an optional service guests can do one-on-one.

Private Parties

All of our programs can be altered for smaller venues, such as home parties.

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